Specific Planning Sessions

If a comprehensive look at your finances is more planning than you need, consider a specific planning session. These are geared toward more common financial concerns and are priced at a lower rate to accommodate these needs.

All sessions are based on time needed to work in session and complete outside research at $80 an hour.

If you don’t see a session listed that you need help with, please email me at verhanika@artisticfinancial.com to receive a quote within 48 hours.

Household Budgeting- $75
In this one-time extended session we’ll look at all your bills and expenses and your income. We’ll come up with a balanced budget so you end up in the black every month while still accommodating all your necessary expenses.

This session can also be done over the phone.

Roommate Bill Division- $60
Do you and your roommate have drastically different incomes? Do you fight over who should pay how much on your bills? Or do you just have a hard time paying bills each month on time?

Through this single session, we’ll look at all your bills and determine the best way to split household costs and bill paying. This will also insure that you live in relative harmony not having to track each other down to pay the water bill and make sure your rent check doesn’t bounce.

This session would also be appropriate for couples new to living with each other.

Retirement Consultation- $120
If your retirement plan is your only major financial concern, then this 2 part planning session will be exactly what you need. In the first session we’ll discuss what you’d like your retirement to look like including your lifestyle choices and how they will impact what you need. We’ll take a look at your income streams and where your current savings are and how they are invested.

In the second session I’ll project for you how much savings you will need in order to live the retirement you want and give you the in depth analysis for how you will get there. I’ll also include the best options you have for where to bank and how to start investing so you can move forward with confidence that you are making the best decisions for your future.

Vacation Savings- $40
Have a great vacation in mind but just don’t know how you’re going to fund it? In this session we’ll come up with a budget for your travel plans and figure out how to save for it so you’re ready to go to your destination with only the concern for the TSA rules on your mind.

This session can also be done over the phone

Wedding Savings- $120
Congratulations on your engagement! Now comes the scary part of planning for the cost of your wedding. In this extended session we’ll look at your goals for your wedding and come up with a plan by looking at all your revenue streams, current savings and figuring out how much you have to save in order to start your marriage without debt.

In addition to the financial side of it, I can also offer wedding planning services for an additional fee that is determined on the size and scale of the wedding.

If you purchase the Wedding Savings Session in addition to the Newlywed Package you will receive a 15% discount!

College Savings- $40
Looking forward to your child’s college days? In this session we’ll look at the best savings options for your family to make sure your student is set up for success in their higher education.  We’ll figure out how much you want to save and if that includes tuition, room and board, books, expenses and all the other accessories that come with a college degree (like their first sweatshirt!). We’ll look at state college savings plans, different scholarship plans in addition to traditional savings accounts to figure out the best option and determine how much should be put away to accomplish your goal.

This session can also be done over the phone.
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