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Artistic Financial Planning's mission is to make financial planning accessible to people of all income levels and in all stage of life. We employ innovative techniques to provide well-rounded advice custom designed to each individual's and family's financial situation. We strive to be nothing less than helpful and compassionate to our clients and provide comprehensive plans fit to their specific needs.

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If you are an artist, or new to managing money, or unsure about a financial decision, or a human being, Verhanika is someone you want in your financial corner.  Before Artistic Financial came into the picture we had already spoken to a "traditional" financial planner and found it entirely unhelpful (if anything it made us feel more frustrated and helpless).  Talking to Verhanika was a completely different experience.  She is knowledgeable and informative, but never boring or condescending.  Perhaps most importantly she is careful to make sure that any advice she gives is going to work toward your specific goals and priorities.  We can't recommend her services highly enough, so you'll just have to see them for yourself! – JC & SC

Verhanika is knowledgeable, personable, organized, competent and implicitly trustworthy. She will always give you the best advice and even tailor it to your specific needs and habits. She is second to none. I highly recommend her services to any and all. – CK

Verhanika is very knowledgeable about financial matters and is quite good and taking your personal habits and needs into account as she is offering advice.  I go to her with all my financial questions. –MB

Prior to working with Verhanika M & D were living in a house that was $200,000 underwater and M had been unemployed for a year and a half with no job prospects. They had not made a budget in years and had no idea where all their money was going. Their credit card debt was creeping up as their retirement funds were staying stagnant regardless of the increase in the stock market. After meeting with Verhanika, they now are in the process of a loan modification and M has helped launch a small business in addition to learning how to take freelance work. They have a budget that they can abide by without feeling deprived and have found a way to pay off their credit card debt while also watching their retirement fund grow from $500,000 to now over $600,000 by simple reallocation. M & D continue to consult Verhanika for estate planning purposes as they get closer and closer to retirement.

K came to Verhanika with a small income and no idea how to make ends meet. K was building a new side business and needed some help getting it started. Through their sessions together K has developed a budget for the household and the small business, which has grown enough to make up a substantial part of K’s income. K is also now on track for emergency savings and has learned to use credit wisely so as not to rack up credit card debt and use it to grown K’s business appropriately.

B called Verhanika to ask about how to budget as an artist. B not only now knows how to budget appropriately, but has figured out how to prioritize what to spend money on so when purchases are made B no longer feels guilty and spends like a smart consumer.
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